We have several paint experienced staff at all of the All Cars Paint Supplies sites, including qualified spray painters with color matching, application and technical capabilities.

A key industry difference of our paint business is that we are not just a supplier to industry, we see ourselves as a coatings solutions provider, having technically trained spray painters on staff is a luxury to us and our customers. We offer a color matching service using the latest spectrophotometer technology and having premium quality DuPont / Standox products giving us manufacture guarantees and warranties for peace of mind (system holders only), we also provide Technical Data sheets on products and also have professionally developed MSDS sheets on request.

Freight Service
We offer daily metropolitan delivery service or overnight freight for those outside our delivery zone

Color matching service utilizing our spectrophotometer camera for blend-able accuracy, or eye-match service; these services do come with additional service charges.

Technical support and training can be made available on request by appointment.

(Please be advised charges may apply to our services)